Electric Motor Repair & Rewinds

Getting the most from your electric motors

Specialising in electromechanical engineering, Houghton International’s services include mechanical and electric motor repairs to a broad range of equipment – including AC and DC motors, pumps, gearboxes, generators, turbines and transformers.

We provide a wide range of mechanical and electrical motor repairs, overhaul and motor rewind services for electric motors and generators in a range of sizes and brands, with handling facilities of up to 40 tonnes.

Our electric motor repair and motor rewind services cover a wide range of electric motors, including random wound stators and armatures, and non-standard soft coil and preformed high voltage coils. We also carry out rotor and stator, generator and motor rewinds, and have in-house gearbox and pump repairs specialists.

Our motor repairs

As specialists in EX hazardous area electric motor repairs, we have experience in the repair and overhaul of hazardous area equipment, as well as experience with submersible pump motors, water and oil filled motors.

We provide ad hoc repair and maintenance to tight turnaround and schedules, deliver volume, planned maintenance programmes and pioneer industry-leading solutions with the objective of maximising plant efficiency and reliability whilst minimising costs and machine downtime.

Our motor rewinds

AC DC Motor Generator Rewinds and Repairs - Houghton International

Our services range from standard inspections and overhauls to complete electric motor rewinds. In addition, our engineers are capable of re-engineering and upgrading electric motors to be more efficient and durable. We operate a 24-hour call out 365 days of the year to ensure we are always available when needed.

Work is carried out by an experienced team of multi-skilled electromechanical engineers on customer’s premises or in-house in our purpose-built workshop. We have burn off, Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (V.P.I) facilities and in-house coil manufacturing capabilities too.

Our checks process

We carry out extensive electrical and mechanical light-run testing of the overhauled assemblies using 415 to 1000V to rotate the motors, while taking measurements of vibration analysis and alignment checks. This is to ensure the serviced/overhauled motors meet a high-quality standard.

Additionally, during electric motor rewinds, we individually test all windings using Baker Test equipment to verify all electrical components for Megger (IR), resistance of connections, Hipot/Flash, interturn surge test, Polarisation index, phase line-to-line, and line-to-ground testing.

Our electric motor repair & rewind service

At Houghton International we comply with, and in some areas exceed, IEEE 1068 specification and have controlled process and records in place to manage the rewind process. All motors will be wound to Class F or higher thermal class, upgrading the insulation quality where possible to our HiFLEX coil design.

Our workshop is EASA accredited, meaning that Houghton International has successfully demonstrated that it complies with EASA AR100 and follows the prescribed good practices to consistently deliver quality electromechanical repairs that maintain or improve AC electric motor repair and electric motor rewind efficiency and reliability.

We also offer preventative maintenance services, which include motor management, condition monitoring, vibration analysis, laser alignment and thermographic imaging.


Find out how we can help with your generator and electric motor repair and rewinds by contacting us today.