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Electro Mechanical Wind Services

Wind turbine repair & maintenance services that reduce unplanned downtime, improve efficiency and extend lifetime.

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Electro Mechanical Life Extension for Sustainable Power Generation

Our electro mechanical wind services are engineered to propel your wind farm into greater performance, reliability, and sustainability. From life extension services, generator and motor expertise, to cutting-edge testing and support services, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to optimise your wind infrastructure. Whether you are an operator, OEM, or maintenance provider, our collaborative approach ensures that your unique needs are met.

Explore how we’re redefining the future of wind turbine life extension to meet the demands of today and pave the way for a greener, more profitable wind farm.

Featured Services:

Wind Turbine Generator Repair

Our specialised repair services address issues within wind turbine generators ensuring optimal functionality.

Hub & Main Shaft Refurbishment

Trust our expertise in refurbishing hubs and main shafts, enhancing structural integrity.

Rotor Pole Shoe Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing and replacement of rotor pole shoes, a crucial component for generator performance.

On-site electric motor testing

Testing and Diagnostics

Our testing and diagnostic services utilise cutting-edge technology to identify potential issues.

Project Management

Seamlessly execute your wind energy projects with our efficient project management services.

Research & Development

Stay at the forefront of industry advancements with our ongoing research and development initiatives.

Engineering Consultancy

Expert guidance on optimal solutions, system integration, and overall wind farm performance enhancement.

3D Design & Reverse Engineering

We also have 3D design reverse engineering capabilities to address obsolescence, reduce lead times and improve performance.

One-Stop Repairs and Maintenance For Wind Turbine Infrastructure

Explore our range of specialised services tailored to enhance the performance and longevity of critical assets in your wind energy infrastructure. From generators and motors to transformers and fans, we offer expert solutions to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability.

Generators Services

Our expert services cover maintenance, repairs, and optimisation, maximising energy output and extending the life of your generators.

Direct Drive Generator
Conventional Generator
Pole Shoe Manufacturing
Generator Storage
Electric Motor Testing

Motors Services

We specialise in maintenance and repairs, ensuring your motors operate at their best for sustained reliability.

Pitch Motors
Yaw Motors
Heater Motors
Hydraulic Pump Motors
Transformer Repair Services

Transformer Services

Optimise your sub-station’s reliability with our Transformer Services. From diagnostics to repairs, we ensure peak performance.

Oil Transformers
Oil Analysis

Fans Services

Our experts handle fan repairs, ensuring proper temperature regulation and contributing to the overall reliability of your turbines.

Cooling Fans

Our work In the wind sectors

From innovative repair solutions to eco-conscious practices, discover how we lead the way in fostering sustainability across diverse sectors, shaping a greener, more resilient future.

In Shop Serivces

From innovative repair solutions to eco-conscious practices

Wind Turbine Generator
Rotor Pole Shoes
Hub & Main Shaft
Testing & Diagnostics
Testing high voltage motor using Megger test equipment

Testing Services

From innovative repair solutions to eco-conscious practices

Electrical Testing
Laser Alignment
Vibration Analysis
Thermal Imaging

Support Services

From innovative repair solutions to eco-conscious practices

Project Management
Research & Development
Engineering Consultancy
Condition Monitoring

End-to-End Wind Sector Support

Discover our comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet all your wind energy needs. From meticulous testing and crucial support services to expert mechanical solutions and efficient up-tower maintenance, we offer a holistic approach to optimise the performance and reliability of your wind turbines

Testing Services

Ensure the integrity and performance of your wind infrastructure with our testing services providing valuable insights for proactive maintenance and optimal operation.

Electrical Testing
Laser Alignment
Vibration Analysis
Thermal Imaging

Support Services

Navigate the complexities of wind energy with our comprehensive support services, we are your dedicated partners in achieving sustainable and successful wind farm operations.

Project Management
Research and Development
Engineering Consultancy
3D design & Reverse Engineering

Mechanical Services

Optimise the mechanical components of your wind turbines with our specialised mechanical services, our skilled technicians ensure the structural integrity of your turbines.

Hub & Main Shaft Refurbishment
Slip Rings
Heat Exchangers
Generator Housings

Up-tower Services

Elevate your wind turbine maintenance with our comprehensive up-tower services, delivered through trusted partners. Trust in our network of partners for top-quality up-tower services.

Generator Shaft Repair
Wye Ring Replacement
Rotor Lead Change-outs
Generator Change-outs
Pitch & Yaw Drive Replacement
Electrical Testing

Trust us with your wind turbine repair and maintenance.


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