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Generator Repair & Maintenance Services

Houghton International specialises in generator repairs, servicing and monitoring. We expertly maintain and upgrade power generation equipment globally, offering a variety of in situ options for onsite maintenance and rewind.

Generator Services

We offer mechanical and electrical generator repairs for a broad selection of generators including induction generators, slip ring generators, salient pole synchronous generators, steam or combustion turbines and generators for industrial application, up to 50MW or 100MW for turbo-alternators.

With over 30 years’ specialist engineering experience, in-house coil manufacture facilities and a large machine repair shop with up to 40 tonne craneage, we support customers globally in the repair, servicing, and rewind of a range of power generation systems.

Generator Service & Maintenance

Generators have varying shapes and sizes and use various fuel varieties such as Diesel Gas, Biofuel and HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oils) as well as steam, gas, water and wind driven generators. Failure to properly maintain your generator can result in costly damages.

Each generator has specific maintenance requirements for generator servicing and they must be carried out continuously by repair specialists. Failure to perform the maintenance recommendations may result in failure of your generator. We strongly recommend having your generator serviced regularly and inspected.

Onsite Generator Maintenance Services

We provide specialised repairs and maintenance onsite to all types of industries, including industrial & manufacturing, power generation and oil & gas. Our maintenance specialists have experience in installation, cleaning, repair and replacement of generators. We offer complete generator repair services to our customers and provide cost efficient and quality-controlled solutions.

Our onsite generator maintenance services include:

  • In situ inspection, testing and fault diagnostics including air gap checks and Tan Delta/Partial Discharge testing
  • Equipment removal
  • Generator installation and commissioning
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance, including infrared thermal imaging, vibration analysis, oil analysis, borescope inspections, laser shaft alignment, field balancing and a range of electrical testing, including Partial Discharge testing and analysis
  • In situ stator rewinds – using our HiFLEX™ HV coils for improved performance
  • Field machining

We offer planned maintenance during shutdowns and 24/7 emergency outage support, with absolute control over quality and lead-times.

Generator Repair Services

Generator failure causes are numerous, typically falling in two categories of mechanical and electrical failures. These can include bearings, lubrication system, high vibration and machine alignments, and also causes associated with the rotor and stator insulation system and temperature sensors. Other problems include blocked fuel filter and battery failure.

If you use your generator frequently without maintenance, it can cause serious issues long term and very costly catastrophic failures leading to unplanned down times and outage.

Experts in Repairing Generators

As specialists for power generator repairs, we can inspect any generator that has been faulty or is broken and can determine whether it’s viable for you to repair your generator. Houghton International offers a wide range of repair services for generator repair projects.

Our repair service includes:

  • Generator repairs and rewinds
  • Generator inspection, testing and fault diagnostics, in situ or in our workshop
  • Equipment disconnection and removal
  • Electrical testing
  • Oil analysis
  • Generator installation and commissioning

Generator repair and rewind services

Our technicians have extensive knowledge of all aspects of generator repair and maintenance. We have a wide range of experience of meeting industry-specific needs and can work with your maintenance teams in implementing the solution to the problem. We can also assist in creating an effective maintenance plan.

We have obtained experience from a diverse number of projects, from a complete rewind of a hydro generator in-situ in Norway to supplying a complete set of 256 13,800V HiFLEX™ high voltage (HV) coils for a 6.8MW generator on site rewind in British Columbia, Canada. Alternator and generator overhauls and rewinds have also been carried out in house for a range of UK power producers.

Independent of the large OEMs, we work flexibly with customers to solve problems and improve generator performance in a safe and cost-effective way. In addition to sourcing OEM approved parts and spares we also have reverse engineering and 3D design capabilities to address obsolescence and can support the commissioning and decommissioning of equipment on site as required.

Contact Houghton International today to learn more about generator repairs, or any of our other specialties such as electric motor rewinding or pump repairs.

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