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Wind Turbine Generator Services

Houghton International provides repair, maintenance and life extension services for wind generators to reduce unplanned downtime, increase power generation potential, and extend equipment life.

Wind turbine generator services

We offer a range of wind turbine generator diagnostic, monitoring, repair and life extension services, ensuring generators remain efficient and reliable.

Whether the power you generate is used on-site or feeds into the grid, the cost of generator downtime is more than just repair fees. Every day counts when it comes to lost income, and, if you use the energy you generate on site, you may be paying much higher prices for additional electricity supply costs to compensate for the lack of on-site generation.

We recognise how important it is to get generators back up and running quickly and cost-effectively. In many instances Houghton International can offer generator rewinds at significantly shorter lead times than OEM repair or replacement options, and payback periods for a generator rewind may be as short as 3-6 months.

Our services cover all wind generators, onshore and offshore and range from standard maintenance and overhauls to reverse engineering, life extension and performance upgrades. With 40 tonne craneage and 13m working height we are well equipped to handle even large offshore and direct drive generators.

Wind turbine generator services

Our wind turbine generator services include:

  • Generator repair and overhaul
  • Generator stator and rotor rewinds
  • Upgrade and life extension
  • Testing and diagnostics, including winding analysis, vibration analysis, thermal imaging and laser alignment
  • Direct drive generator services
  • Scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Generator storage

Independent of OEMs, but a service provider to many, we work flexibly with customers to solve problems and improve performance in a safe and cost-effective way. We will always aim to provide the most appropriate solution based on customer needs and the asset’s operating conditions.

With extensive 3D CAD and reverse engineering expertise in-house, Houghton International can help address obsolescence, reduce lead times for repairs and parts, and improve performance.

Visit our wind power sector page to learn more about the wider range of services we offer to the wind industry.

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