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Wind Turbine Generator Repair & Maintenance

Wind turbine generator repair that reduces unplanned downtime, improves efficiency and extends lifetime.

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Elevate Your Wind Energy ROI: Unmatched Wind Turbine Generator Repair for Optimal Efficiency

Our unmatched wind turbine generator services go beyond conventional solutions, you gain the assurance of reduced downtime, extending the lifespan of your turbines and minimising your carbon footprint. Providing you with maximised energy output without the long lead times of an OEM repair or the price tag of a replacement.

Chris Robson, the Sales Director at Houghton International
Maximised Energy Output

Increase Efficiency Through Precision Repairs for Optimal Generator Performance

At the heart of our commitment is a dedication to elevating efficiency through precision repairs, ensuring your turbine generator operates at peak performance.

Generator Repair & Overhaul

Engineered to optimise every aspect of your wind turbine’s generator. From component repairs to overhauls, we enhance efficiency, unlocking maximum energy output.

Generator Stator & Rotor Rewinds

Rewound by experienced and skilled technicians , ensuring peak performance, maximising energy output.

Diagnostics & Testing

Assure the reliability of your wind turbine system with our testing, Including winding analysis, vibration analysis, thermal imaging and laser alignment.

Reduce Downtime

Minimise Disruptions, Maximise Uptime: Unmatched Wind Turbine Reliability

Our expert team, with in-house pole brick manufacturing and reverse engineering capabilities, ensure that your downtime is short, safeguarding your renewable energy investment.

Reduced Lead Time

Our dedicated wind turbine repair facility and optimised workflow minimise lead times, ensuring quicker returns to operation than the manufacturer, ultimately maximising your energy output and project timelines.

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

Houghton International can help address obsolescence with our in house reverse engineering capabilities and machine shop. Reducing the need for the OEM and the lead times for repairs and parts.

Rotor Pole Shoe Inventory

We hold stock of rotor pole brick or can manufacture them before they even remove the generator from the tower. This allows us to reduce any unnecessary downtime.

Life Extension

Extend the Lifespan, Enhance the Investment: Ensuring Longevity and Maximum Returns.

Dedicated to ensuring longevity and maximum returns, we specialise in comprehensive repairs designed to extend the lifespan of your turbine. Our life extension service ensures that your wind turbine generator operates at peak efficiency, providing sustained performance and securing a prolonged future for your wind turbine.

Sustainable Practice

By opting for repairs over replacements, we minimise waste, reduce carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future while maximising the lifespan and efficiency of your turbine.


Testing, not just to meet operational requirements, but to surpass them. Our testing ensures that every aspect of your generator exceeds industry standards, promising longevity and reliability.

Performance Upgrades

A strategic investment that not only extends the life of your turbine but provides lasting improvements. This includes sustained high-performance benefits that even expect to exceed the lifespan of a traditional replacement.

The Smart Choice for Repairing Your Turbine Generator with Us


Less global-warming potential


More cost effective


Less downtime impact


Customers would use us again

Additional Services

Beyond standard: Additional services help reduce unplanned downtime, improve efficiency and extend lifetime.

Project Management

We manage removal, logistics and reinstallation.

Rotor Pole Shoe Manufacturing

We manufacture rotor pole bricks in-house.

Hub & Main Shaft Refurbishment

We can refurbish the hub and main shaft to improve reliability.

Pitch Motor Overhaul & Repair

We refurbish your pitch motors to lower your carbon footprint.

Success Stories: Our Wind Turbine Generator Repair Case Studies

Discover how our expert solutions have revitalised and optimised wind energy infrastructures, showcasing real-world examples of elevated efficiency, reduced downtime, and extended equipment lifespan.

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