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Electric Motor Rewinding

We specialise in complete electric motor rewinding and our engineers are capable of re-engineering and upgrading electric motors to be more efficient and durable.

Electric motor rewinds

At Houghton International, we comply with – and in some areas exceed – IEEE 1068 specification for electric motor rewinds and have controlled procedures and records in place to manage the electric motor rewind process. All electric motors are wound to Class F or higher thermal class, upgrading the insulation quality, where beneficial, to our HiFLEX coil design.


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Our process for electric motor rewinds

A sample electric motor rewinding work scope includes:

  • Receive electric motor components into our facility
  • Datum check all parts
  • Detail and strip stator windings
  • Clean and prepare stator core and carry out core test
  • Manufacture stator coils, insulated as required
  • Carry out testing of the coils
  • VPI impregnate stator windings if required
  • Clean stator
  • Assemble, test and paint
  • QA check and make ready for delivery
  • Report all motor rewinding details in full to customer

Electric Motor Repairs

Houghton International offers a wide variety of electric motor rewinds and repairs, overhaul and maintenance services, on-site or in our specialist workshop.

Our electric motors rewinds and repairs services are here to get your motor up and running again, whatever the size, power or application. At Houghton International, our expert team provides electric motor repairs, maintenance and overhauls for all types of motors in a wide range of sectors and industries, on a contracted or emergency response basis.

For more information about our electric motor rewinding service, or our other specialties including generator repairs and electric motor repairscontact Houghton International today.

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