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Electric Motor Testing & Diagnosis Service

Electric motors are fully tested throughout the overhaul, repair and rewind process to ensure optimum performance and quality assurance.


We carry out extensive electrical and mechanical light-run testing of the overhauled assemblies using 415 to 1000V to rotate the motors, while taking measurements of vibration analysis and alignment checks. This is to ensure the serviced/overhauled motors meet a high-quality standard.

Additionally, during electric motor rewinds, we individually test all windings using Baker Test equipment to verify all electrical components for Megger (IR), resistance of connections, Hipot/Flash, interturn surge test, Polarisation index, phase line-to-line, and line-to-ground testing.

Load testing can also be carried out either in house or in conjunction with our approved partners to fully test the motor and reassure the customer that the electric motor will perform on reinstallation. This is of particular benefit for critical assets or difficult to access locations.

A comprehensive test report is provided to the customer and we also video record all testing and save this electronically on our ERP system for future reference.

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