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Our Capabilities

From specialist coil manufacturing and winding areas to bespoke testing capabilities, our world class, industry accredited facilities are ideally suited to the repair, maintenance and sustainable life extension of electrical rotating machines.

We operate at the very centre of a rapidly electrifying world and are delivering clean tech and circular economic solutions to complex industrial, transport and energy problems.

We have the capacity and the capability

Image showing Houghton International building and branded vehicles

Our Facilities

Houghton International is headquartered in the Ronnie Mitten Works, Newcastle upon Tyne. This facility encompasses over 120,000 sq. ft of purpose built engineering space, ideally located for national and global transport links. The Ronnie Mitten Works houses everything needed for the in-house repair, maintenance and life extension of electro mechanical assets, including in-house coil manufacturing facilities.

Our facilities encompass a wide range of specialist equipment for end-to-end in-house capability, including:

-50 tonne extraction press
-50 tonne vertical press
-300 tonne horizontal press
-250 tonne extraction press
-MIG Welding machine
-Automated TIG welding machines
-Automated undercutting machines
-Hexagon Arm for 3D measurement scanning
-3D CAD design capability
-Balancing machines – up to 10 tonne
-Multiple cranes – up to 40 tonne
– BTU band tension unit
– Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) epoxy resin
-Burn off stove 2.5m x 2m x 2m
-Large drying / Curing oven – 3.5m x 2m x 3m
– 2.2m² 220⁰C drying / curing ovens (2 of)
-AWA 12kV Baker Test Unit (2 of)
-PJ surge tester (2 of)
-Tan Delta tester
-Partial Discharge tester
-Lathes (up to 3.2m between centres)
-Vertical and horizontal miling machines with table area up to 1830 x 350mm
-Surface grinder – 18″ x 6″ chuck
– Slotter – up to 8″ stroke
-Radial arm drill – 1050mm under chuck
-1400mm arm radius
-Plasma cutter
-Metal spraying equipment
-Mag base drill

We continuously invest in new machinery and technology to drive innovation and excellence

Testing high voltage motor using Megger test equipment
Electric Motor Testing
Pump Testing

Pump Testing Capabilities

Operating an array of specialised testing facilities, each pump is dynamically load tested, and a full performance test curve is provided prior to dispatch to confirm optimum performance and provide engineers with a datum to work from when installing the pump. Our dedicated test areas include:
Small / Medium Test Rig – full load testing up to 500kW, flow up to 10,000 igpm + 2,700 M3/Hr and heads up to 10,000 ft, 150 Bar and 2170 PSI
Large Test Rig – bespoke testing facility for high flows that can be customised to specific customer requirements. We also partner with a local dry dock to test larger pumps, submersible and vertical, up to 11kV.
Net Positive Suction head tests can be carried out in-house and our hydrostatic pressure test rig can test up to 250 bar.

HV Coil Capabilities

We manufacture HV coils that meet the relevant electrical standards, such as BS EN 50209 and IEEE 1553 & 1043 and our in-house testing facility offers the following routine testing procedures:
Surge comparison or turn to turn test (2 UN) + 1000
Tan δ / Tip Up
Hi-Pot (AC and DC flash)test (2 UN) +1000 1.2
Lamination Test
Partial Discharge
Voltage Endurance
Thermal Cycling

We can also test to customers specification as required

If you would like to arrange a visit to our facilities please get in touch, we will be more than happy to assist.

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