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Low-kilowatt Assets – Repair & Maintenance

Maximise efficiency and extend lifespan: expert repair and maintenance services for small motors, generators, pumps and fans.

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Dedicated life extension for small motors, generators, pumps and fans.

Maximise the lifespan and efficiency of your essential equipment with our specialised small motor, generator, and pump repair and maintenance services. Our skilled technicians ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Additionally, benefit from cost-saving advantages as we help you preserve valuable assets and avoid the expense of premature replacements.
Trust us to keep your operations running smoothly with our dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Emergency Repair Service

Need a fast repair? Houghton International offer a 24/7 Emergency repair service.

End-to-End Services and Support

While we work with assets of all shapes and sizes, we have a dedicated bay within our workshop, overseen by our operations director, that specialises low-kilowatt assets. Our small works service covers fractional kW to 55kW and suits any kind of rotating machine from fan units, pumps, conveyor motors, compressors, extraction units and blower motors.



Electric Motors



Increased Reliability

Elevate the reliability of your small motors, generators, and pumps with our specialised repair and maintenance services. Our skilled technicians offer meticulous repair and overhaul procedures, ensuring every component functions optimally. Through precise rewinding techniques, we restore electrical integrity, enhancing equipment performance. Rigorous testing and diagnostics pinpoint potential issues, allowing proactive intervention to prevent disruptions. Trust our tailored approach to bolster reliability, safeguarding against downtime and maximizing equipment uptime.

Repair and Overhaul

Experience meticulous repair and overhaul services meticulously executed by our expert technicians, ensuring your equipment operates at peak efficiency and reliability.


Trust our skilled technicians to perform precise rewinding services, rejuvenating the electrical integrity of your small motors, generators, and pumps for optimal performance and longevity.

Testing & Diagnostics

Utilise our advanced testing and diagnostics capabilities to proactively identify potential issues, ensuring timely intervention and minimising downtime for your critical equipment.

Tailored Service

Discover our tailored solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of ABB assets, new assets, and Ex-rated assets. Our specialized services are crafted to address the distinct challenges and specifications of each asset type, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether you’re seeking expertise in maintaining ABB equipment, integrating new assets into your operations, or navigating the complexities of Ex-rated assets, our team is here to provide tailored support and solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

ABB Assets

Partner with us, your trusted Value Provider for ABB motors & Generators, maximising efficiency and productivity with our specialised services.

Ex Rated Assets

Count on our specialised services for Ex-rated assets, designed to meet the stringent requirements of hazardous environments, ensuring safety, compliance, and uninterrupted performance.

New Assets

Whether integrating new assets or upgrading existing equipment, our services cater to your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration, optimal performance, and extended lifespan for your investments in new assets.

Save cost and resources

Explore our suite of services tailored to help you save costs and optimise resources effectively. Our on-site services bring convenience and efficiency directly to your location, minimising downtime and logistical challenges. With advanced condition monitoring techniques, we proactively identify issues before they escalate, saving you time and money on potential repairs. Utilising cutting-edge 3D scanning and reverse engineering technology, we provide accurate and cost-effective solutions for equipment maintenance and optimisation. Trust our experienced project management team to oversee your projects efficiently, ensuring timely completion and cost control. Additionally, our in-house machine shop offers streamlined repair and fabrication services, further reducing turnaround times and resource expenditures. Partner with us to achieve cost savings and resource efficiency without compromising on quality or reliability.

On-site Services

Experience convenience and efficiency with our on-site services, where our expert technicians bring precision repair and maintenance solutions directly to your location, minimising downtime and maximising operational continuity.

Condition Monitoring

Maximise equipment reliability with our advanced condition monitoring services, offering real-time insights into equipment health to proactively identify potential issues, optimise maintenance schedules, and minimise unplanned downtime.

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Unlock precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge 3D scanning and reverse engineering services, providing accurate assessments and innovative solutions to optimise equipment performance, streamline maintenance, and prolong asset lifespan.

Project Management

Streamline your projects with our comprehensive project management services, offering expertise in planning, coordination, and execution to ensure timely completion, cost control, and successful outcomes for your repair and maintenance endeavours.

In-house Machine Shop

Experience streamlined repairs and customised solutions with our in-house machine shop, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and expertise to fabricate parts, expedite repairs, and minimise downtime for your critical equipment.

Economical Analysis

Optimise your budgetary decisions with our economical analysis, providing insights into the cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement options, ensuring you make informed decisions that maximise value and minimise expenses.

Improved Performance

Elevate the performance of your operations with our forward-thinking approach and innovative solutions. Our engineering consultancy services provide expert guidance and strategic insights to optimise your equipment and processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Through ongoing research and development initiatives, we continuously innovate and evolve to meet the evolving needs of your industry, staying ahead of the curve and delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your requirements. Embrace sustainable practices with our environmentally conscious approach, promoting efficiency, resource conservation, and long-term viability. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your operations and achieve sustainable success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Consultancy

Leverage our engineering consultancy services to harness expert guidance and strategic insights, tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimised equipment performance, enhanced operational efficiency, and sustainable business growth.

Research & Development

Stay ahead of the curve with our dedicated research and development initiatives, driving innovation and technological advancement tailored to your industry needs, ensuring you’re equipped with the latest solutions to tackle evolving challenges.

Sustainable Practice

Embrace sustainability with our dedicated sustainable practices, designed to minimise environmental impact, optimise resource utilisation, and foster long-term resilience for your business operations.

Trust us with extending the life of your motor.

Why you should repair with Houghton International rather than replace.

From Problem to Solution:
Case Studies of Our Successful Repairs

Explore our case studies to discover how our tailored solutions have delivered tangible results for businesses like yours. From optimising equipment performance to minimising downtime and maximising cost savings, these real-world examples showcase the effectiveness of our services in various industries.

Our Small Works Department is the heart of our operation, the training ground for our apprentices, and the source of our expertise. We invest in the potential of individuals, turning them into skilled professionals who contribute to our region’s engineering excellence, building leaders from within.

Craig Hutton
Operations Director, Houghton International

I began my career as an apprentice in the small works department, and this experience brings a unique perspective. Our team doesn’t just fix assets; we craft solutions, turning challenges into opportunities. The skills I learned in the small works department have become the cornerstone of my success, and I’m proud to be part of a team that consistently delivers excellence.

Aidan Scott
Small Works Operative, Houghton International

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