Enercon E44 direct drive repair in the Faroe Islands
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Enercon E44 Wind Turbine Repair and Life Extension

In the North of the Faroe Islands, one of the primary power providers and Grid Managers owns and operates multiple onshore wind farms. One of those farms is equipped with 5 Enercon produced E44 turbines, each with a capacity of 900kW, these turbines provide energy to most of the islands population. Following the failure of all 5 turbines, Houghton International, project managing the repair, provided a ground breaking, innovative solution that would not only repair the unit, but improve its future performance and life expectancy. Faced with the prospect of purchasing a new wind turbine with an 18-24 month delivery schedule, Houghton International offered an alternative solution in this time critical, unique service offering.


There is no company in the world which has successfully rewound and improved the life cycle of an Enercon E44 wind turbine generator. Our proprietary processes allow for optimal efficiency, in what was to be a very complex rewind. The turbine was inspected and safely dismantled to be transported to our facility in the UK for thorough analysis. Our facility is designed for large electro mechanical assets with a 13 metre working height, in-built cranage, capable of holding up to 40-tonnes.


The main shaft and bearing assembly were dismantled and tested. For the Rotor Pole and Stator, we utilised our long proven, innovative insulation system, which allows for maximum environmental protection, therefore ensuring the longest possible in service life cycle. All 3 blade pitch motors were replaced with new units and the blades were removed, overhauled and repaired. All electronic and ancillary components were tested and replaced. We used over 50 miles (75 km) of continuously wound enameled copper wire.


The hub and generator were tested before shipping back to the customer and reinstalling. To assess the quality of the insulation, we employed static testing with specific focus on measuring the resistance within the copper wiring. When we were satisfied that the repair met with our industry leading standards, the generator was shipped back to the Faroe Islands. The energy supplier received a turbine that was as good as new, 12-18 months faster than an OEM could achieve and at less than half the price.

Electro Mechanical Life Extension for Sustainable Power Generation

Our electro mechanical wind services are engineered to propel your wind farm into greater performance, reliability and sustainability. From life extension services, generator and motor expertise to cutting edge testing and support services, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, tailored to optimise your wind farms.

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