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Rail Freight

We work with freight operating companies to improve the performance of their electro mechanical assets, providing repair, maintenance and life extension services for AC and DC traction motors, generators, alternators, full power packs, and auxiliary equipment, such as fuel pumps and traction blowers.

Freight traction motors operate in challenging environments, often running further, for longer and hauling heavier loads than those operating in other sectors. This brings a range of maintenance challenges, not least planning to ensure an appropriate maintenance schedule that optimises mileage and avoids failures and unplanned downtime.

We provide a full range of services for rail freight AC and DC traction motors including:

  • Planned maintenance/overhauls
  • Condition monitoring and insulation testing
  • Bearing replacement
  • Armature and stator rewinds & planned life extension upgrades
  • Manufacture of armature, field and interpole coils
  • Specialist coil manufacture such as choke coils and compensating windings
  • Impregnating stators and rotors
  • Undercutting and shimming commutators
  • New rotors, shafts and laminated cores
  • Emergency repairs
  • Load testing
  • In depot services

With proven and established processes in place in our multi discipline workshop, we also offer servicing and repairs to compressor and fan motors, fuel and water pumps, gearboxes and all other rotating machines. Dealing with one supplier for all components and having the work carried out in one fully equipped facility offers a range of quality, logistical and cost benefits to the operator.

Having provided services into the rail industry for over 15 years, we have a wide range of experience and work with a number of freight operators across a range of classes of locomotive.

We work with maintenance engineers and in partnership with other companies in the industry, such as bogie overhaulers and OEMs, to add value to maintenance programs and reduce lead times.

Where OEM parts are unavailable, we can reverse engineer key components using 3D scanning technology and our well established supply chain to reduce lead times and cost to the operator.

Further Information

RISAS-approved and independently audited quality systems
Long-term volume contracts and casualty repairs
Well established, fully equipped, dedicated rail facility
All refurbishment work undertaken in house
In situ diagnosis and range of in depot site services

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