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Our Sustainable Vision

At Houghton International, sustainability is more than a commitment; it’s our driving force. We envision a world where innovation meets environmental responsibility, where every repair is a step towards conservation. For us, sustainability means fostering lasting partnerships, reducing our ecological impact, and empowering our customers to make eco-conscious choices.

Driving Change: Our Sustainability Statement

Our sustainability Statement will detail our strategy, objectives and metrics for monitoring, assessing and improving sustainability.

Research with Newcastle University

Houghton International and Newcastle University collaborated in a study to measure our carbon footprint and evaluate the environmental impact of repairing versus replacing motors and generators.

Carbon Footprint

Delve into the methods and insightful data that guide us in quantifying our impact, ensuring transparency, and propelling us toward a lower carbon future.

Repair vs Replace Study

Explore our in-depth repair vs replace study, designed to guide customers on the environmental impact of their repair or replace decisions.

Sustainable services

Helping our customers discover efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and innovative solutions through Houghton International’s sustainability services.

Site Sustainability

Experience the dual advantage of improved site efficiency, coupled with the long-term benefits of asset life extension.

Sustainable R&D

Electro mechanical research & development that is tailor made, efficient and drives your innovation for sustainable products.

Sustainability Consultation

Helping you to make informed choices and build a sustainable business or products.

Our Work In Sustainable Sectors

From innovative repair solutions to eco-conscious practices, discover how we lead the way in fostering sustainability across diverse sectors, shaping a greener, more resilient future.





Enviromental Policy

From fostering a culture of conservation to adopting eco-friendly technologies, we strive to exceed regulatory standards and continually improve our environmental performance.

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