Our Policies

Our comprehensive policies prioritise transparency, integrity, and security, fostering a trustworthy environment while upholding ethical standards across all aspects of operations.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy ensures the protection of your personal information, maintaining transparency, and upholding strict security measures for confidentiality.

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Customer T&Cs

Our customer terms and conditions outline the guidelines for a seamless experience, clarifying rights and responsibilities to enhance satisfaction.

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Supplier T&Cs

Our supplier terms and conditions establish clear expectations, fostering a collaborative and reliable partnership with defined responsibilities and mutual benefits.

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Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy commits to sustainable practices, reducing ecological impact and promoting conservation to contribute to a greener, healthier planet.

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Data Protection (GDPR) policy

Our GDPR-compliant data protection policy safeguards your privacy, ensuring responsible collection, processing, and storage of personal information for transparency and security.

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Computer, email, mobiles, tablets and data protection policy

Our policy governs responsible use of computers, emails, mobiles, tablets, and data, ensuring security, confidentiality, and responsible handling.

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Anti Corruption and Bribery

Our anti-corruption policy upholds integrity, preventing bribery to ensure transparent, fair business practices, and maintain a trustworthy reputation.

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Anti-slavery Policy

Our anti-slavery policy reflects our commitment to eradicating modern slavery, ensuring ethical practices across our operations and supply chain.

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