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Our Engineering Solutions

As specialists, we have invested in industry-leading technologies and patented solutions, working with clients to eliminate failures, improve reliability, increase lifespans, and significantly reduce cost of refurbishment and/or the need to replace existing units.

We aim to solve our customers problems and add value through innovation.

Some examples of how we do this include:

Developing specialist insulation systems

Combining our high voltage and traction motor expertise we have solved the problem of deteriorating traction motors insulation systems, eliminating failures and significantly extending life span. HiTRAX was specifically designed for use in the rail industry, addressing the unique conditions of moisture ingress and significant temperature variation that contribute to the deterioration of a traction motors dielectric integrity. Units running with our HiTrax insulation solution have been running without a single failure across the UK rail system for almost 17 years.

We have also developed specialist coil insulations systems for use under water in a tidal generator, the prototype has successfully completed its proof of concept testing and has generated electricity at sea. The device is now being deployed at full commercial scale off The Mull of Kintyre, in the West of Scotland.

We are also supporting the development of a hybrid-electric propulsion for commercial aircraft. Working in collaboration with our customer, we have developed a specific high voltage coil system that can operate at high altitude and high frequency. Following successful testing on the first phase we are now in the process of manufacturing coils for the second phase of the project.

Using innovation to solve customer problems

Other industry patents filed include HiTRANS (a dynamic MA Set test process that electrically simulates the full load conditions and directly replicates exactly what happens in service).

The patented HiTRANS test process was developed following industry and customer feedback that MA sets were failing almost immediately after installation. We developed and designed a solution that ensured every MA Set repaired under our control would work under full load conditions first time, every time.

By combining pioneering technical advances specifically for rail, working flexibly, and working in full partnership with customers to understand technical and commercial issues, we create value for our customers to meet their specific needs and issues.

Innovation in communication/customer service

We have also developed Houghton Exchange, our own web-based communications tool to allow us to share video content securely and remotely improving ease of communication and reducing potential travel time for our customers. An example of its application would be sharing a video of fault diagnosis testing being carried out or of failed components to clearly demonstrate our findings to the customer and speeding up the processes, adding further value.

This can be used both in our warehouse and offshore to visually communicate finding and witness testing to reduce any travel requirements and expedite the overhaul and repair process. We have been using this system with a range of customers from the past two years and have found it to be extremely beneficial saving time, cost and improving the relationship between the project team and the customer.

Whatever the challenge, our engineers work with each other, our customers and the industry to develop innovative engineering solutions that solve problems, increase efficiency and life extend electro mechanical assets.

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