To rolling stock maintenance engineers HiTRANS™ offers the most cost effective solution to motor alternator (MA) set in-service failure.


Many of our customers were experiencing major issues with their motor alternators such as flashover. Motor alternator sets were being returned from other repairers and failing almost immediately in service. As a result, we were asked to develop a solution that ensured every motor alternator set we repaired would work under full load conditions first time, every time.

The result is HiTRANS, our patented transient dynamic motor alternator set test process that electrically simulates full load conditions of any type. It replicates exactly what happens in service, which means that the unit has been tested at full working load before it leaves our facility.

Our repairs are proven to work first time, every time, and to a life expectation in line with the operating life of the train.

We believe that we are the first company in the world capable of exactly simulating  the electrical load conditions both through the motor alternator set controller and the incoming electrification.

The benefits:

  • Units work first time, every time
  • Eliminates motor alternator set related in-service failure
  • Tests each motor alternator set through a dedicated controller i.e. FM2 Type
  • Full load testing proves each individual component
  • Reduced maintenance and engineering costs
  • Improved operational performance
  • Increased passenger satisfaction
  • Protected by UK Patent No 2494369

Utilising our HiTRANS test method ensures that if any component is compromised and likely to fail it will do so in our workshop and not when fitted to the vehicle. This has the additional benefit of reducing cost by ensuring that only faulty components are replaced and also maximises the life of the remaining components, improving performance and eliminating in-service failure.

Key Information

A transient dynamic test process which simulates full load conditions on MA sets.
Eliminates motor alternator set related in-service failure
Patent protected and unique to Houghton International

Further Information

Company overview
Abellio Greater Anglia – case study

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