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Electric Motor Repairs, Maintenance & Overhaul

Houghton International offers a wide variety of electric motor repair, overhaul and maintenance services, on-site or in our specialist workshop.

Houghton International offers motor repair, maintenance and overhaul services for all types of motor.


Electric motor repair

Our electric motor repair services are here to get your motor up and running again, whatever the size, power or application. At Houghton International, our expert team provides electric motor repairs, maintenance and overhauls for all types of motors in a wide range of sectors and industries, on a contracted or emergency response basis.

In case of a sudden unexpected failure, we offer 24/7 emergency repair to help minimise downtime and have your motor back in service in as short a timescale as possible. Where required, our site team can also carry out decomissioning, removal and transportation to our workshop, as well as installation and recomissioning following repair.

If the motors can’t be removed from site, our site services team can carry out some repairs in situ, nationwide.

Electric motor overhaul

A standard electric motor overhaul includes an initial equipment inspection and diagnosis, bearings replacement, a test run and report.

A sample motor overhaul work scope includes –

  • Collection from site
  • Inspect and record all relevant data from the nameplate
  • Carry out electrical and mechanical check tests to verify motor condition and any reported faults, where possible
  • Dismantle motor
  • Clean and inspect all component parts
  • Datum checks, including bearing journals and seatings, shaft extensions, shaft extension run out, shaft seal fits, commutator diameter, and brush surface length
  • Repair or replacement of defect components and parts
  • Steam cleaning, stove drying and varnishing of stator and rotor windings as specified in IEEE 1068
  • Rotating parts dynamically balanced to ISO grade 2.5 or better
  • Up to date motor plate fitted before dispatch
  • Delivery service to customer site and recomissioning

Following our industry-verified quality processes and operating procedures, all details of our work are recorded on a detailed job card throughout the overhaul process and logged on our digital ERP system. This controls the quality of the overhaul and allows us to build a history of the motor for future reference.

If we detect the need for repair beyond the scope of the overhaul, these will be reported and a quotation provided. Upon approval, our experienced engineers will carry out the work on a standard or emergency basis in line with your requirements.

Electric Motor rewind

We specialise in complete electric motor rewinding and our engineers are capable of re-engineering and upgrading electric motors efficiency and reliability. All motors are wound to Class F or higher thermal class, upgrading the insulation quality where beneficial to our HiFLEX coil design. To learn more visit our electric motors rewinding services page.

Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

We provide a preventative maintenance service that includes regular checking and fault prevention for your motors as well as emergency repair needs.


Houghton International fully complies with IEEE 1068 specification Clause 2 in relation to electric motors overhauls. Our workshop is EASA accredited, meaning that Houghton International has successfully demonstrated its compliance to EASA AR100 and follows the prescribed good practices to consistently deliver quality electro-mechanical repairs that maintain or improve efficiency and reliability.

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