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Wind turbine generator services

Wind Turbine Generator Services

Houghton International provides repair, maintenance and life extension services for wind generators to reduce unplanned downtime, increase power generation potential, and extend equipment life.

On-site Electrical Testing

Houghton International provides a range of non-intrusive on-site tests, which can be used to help identify and diagnose early warning signs before they escalate, potentially resulting in total machine failure, unplanned downtime and excess costs.

Transformer Repair Services

Transformer Repair & Maintenance Services

At Houghton International we can provide a full diagnostic, repair, and rewind service for a wide range of transformers, covering most sizes, shapes and types, regardless of OEM.

High Voltage Coil Testing & Diagnosis Services

All coils manufactured in house by Houghton International are subject to a range of quality tests to ensure that coils are manufactured to maximise the lifetime and performance of the coils.

What Makes a Premium High Voltage Coil?

We have been manufacturing coils for over 30 years and our skilled engineers are experts in high voltage coils and their applications. Our guide to what makes a premium high voltage coil gives further information on what to look out for when choosing a supplier.

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