HiFLEX™ is a fully cured film/mica paper/film tape with unidirectional glass to enhance mechanical characteristics, bound with an acrylic resin.

HiFLEX coil insulation system


With HiFLEX services at Houghton International:

  • Coils are fully tested at point of manufacture guaranteeing dielectric integrity.
  • Coils can then be step-down tested before being inserted and throughout the repair process.
  • Coils are fully cured but totally flexible in the end-winding (coil extension).
  • Requires no baking after winding.
  • Requires no VPI or impregnation.
  • Guaranteed storage life — the coils are fully cured so they cannot change state in storage.
  • Coils are supplied in a vacuum packed, moisture proof bag inside a heavy-duty wooden crate as standard.
  • Class F 155°C as standard > 6.6kV.
  • Allows total flexibility in its end-winding (coil extension), which can remain flexible for the machine’s cycle.
  • Guaranteed flexibility of the coils, which is ideal for large two-pole windings, rewinding in situ and for skewed alternator coils.
  • Only requires spray varnish to seal off outhangs.

Key Information

Fully cured, fully tested and totally flexible coil insulation system
Up to five years warranty
Guaranteed storage life

Further Information

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What makes HiFLEX a premium High Voltage Coil?

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