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Electro Mechanical Condition Monitoring Services

Effective condition monitoring helps to identify any potential problems before they become critical and costly.


By monitoring vibration, temperature and other key indicators our skilled engineers work with the in house maintenance engineers to highlight any issues and plan preventative maintenance to rectify the problem prior to the machine failing.

Using the latest technology and specially trained engineers, Houghton International provide the following condition monitoring services:

  • Vibration analysis – Vibration analysis inspections can help detect many serious problems at an early stage, allowing personnel to undertake remedial work at a time that suits.
  • Thermography – A thermal imaging survey allows for the identification of poor connections, overloaded circuits, failing components or imbalanced loads. These faults, if left unidentified will result in increased plant downtime, loss of production and/or risk from fire. We also analyse current/load readings and provide a fully comprehensive report to enable corrective action to be scheduled.
  • Laser alignment – Laser alignment minimizes any angular or offset alignment problems. Using high tech equipment our skilled engineers can obtain results of 100% alignment, with detailed reports showing final readings.
  • On-site balancing – Our trained engineers inspect, analyse and expertly dynamic balance your rotating machinery using computerized instruments. On-site balancing reduces downtime by not having to remove the motor and allows any additional on-site issues to be highlighted and resolved.
  • Oil and lubrication analysis – Oil and lubrication analysis is used to identify the condition of a machine and predict its life. By analysing the results and identifying any changes we are able to recommend any corrective actions and plan ongoing maintenance as required. We carry out routine tests that analysis moisture content, breakdown voltage value and simple dielectric properties of the oil, in addition to dissolved gas analysis tests that can identify any degradation or contamination that can indicate wear or damage.
  • Motor management – We work with trusted suppliers to manage motor obsolesce and can reverse engineer coils for the refurbishment of ageing machines.

Utilising state of the art technology, coupled with over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, we work with customers to identify high priority assets further increasing production efficiency by guaranteeing availability of critical spares, offering total peace of mind and increased control over cost.

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