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Breakdown Repair & Electrical Installation Services

When a breakdown occurs our skilled site services team work with our customers at their premises in order to fully understand the underlying problems and symptoms associated with failure.

On site repair and testing services


Whilst the focus is often on simply providing a fast and efficient repair, we also understand that repairing a motor without asking why it has failed risks the problem recurring.

Using a range of electrical tests and visual inspections we are able to pinpoint issues and even detect failures early by analysing the motors, generators, pumps and other rotating equipment in situ, providing a comprehensive testing report and making recommendations for further action.

We aim to detect problems including –

  • Overloading
  • Poor alignment
  • Connection issues
  • Poor lubrication
  • Vibration
  • Overheating
  • Low insulation resistance
  • Soft foot

In the event of a breakdown the team will look beyond the immediate symptom to find the cause so the solutions offered prevent similar breakdowns from recurring.

We operate a 24 hour call out 365 days of the year to ensure we are always available when needed and can carry out critical repairs on an emergency basis. We can quickly transport faulty units to our workshop which is fully equipped to handle emergency repairs; ensuring your equipment is returned, reinstalled and in full working order in the quickest time possible.

Should the equipment be removed from site, our skilled engineers are also capable of reinstalling the motor, pump or generator correctly to ensure performance is fully optimised and any further issues can be avoided, such a misalignment or vibration.

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