Vibration Analysis

Through our vibration analysis service customers are able to reduce the occurrence of motor damage, unit downtime and a potential motor rewind.


Vibration analysis measures the vibration at critical points of a motor or other type of rotating equipment when it is running, it is a non-intrusive, fast response preventative maintenance solution, designed to locate a potential problem and rectify it before it causes further damage to the machinery.

From the magnitude and frequency of the vibrations we are able to determine the mechanical condition of the unit under test. In addition to one off readings, and part of an ongoing maintenance programme, the vibration analysis data recorded can be trended to give warnings of possible failure.

We work with customers to plan a suitable analysis schedule, depending on the criticality of the application.

The vibration levels are recorded using a data collector and vibration transducer at various points around each end of a motor, pump or generator. Following the recording of the data it is downloaded and analysed by qualified personnel and a report generated detailing all the alarm areas found during the visit and recommended actions to prevent breakdown.

Following the vibration analysis being carried out, Houghton International works with the customer in the rectification of any faults found. This could range from balancing the equipment on site, replacing bearings or the complete removal of the unit from site for repair and overhaul in our fully equipped workshop.

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