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Service & Overhaul of Wind Turbine Main Shaft & Rotor Hub

Designed to prolong the lifespan of your wind turbine main shaft and rotor hub, our expert refurbishment process ensures enhanced durability, reliability and optimal performance.

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Extend Turbine Lifespan, Reduce Downtime Through Hub Refurbishment

By addressing wear and tear on the main shaft and rotor hub, we not only minimise the risk of unexpected failures but also significantly reduce downtime. We implement rigorous quality control measures at every stage of the refurbishment to guarantee that the rotor hub and main shaft meet or exceed industry standards ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Component Inspection & Upgrades

We conduct a thorough component inspection on the rotor hub and main shaft addressing wear and fatigue, this includes both shaft bearings.

Corrosion Protection

We apply specialised coatings and corrosion protection measures to safeguard the rotor hub and main shaft against environmental elements, reducing the risk of corrosion related damage. We also asses the condition of lubricating oil.

Pitch Motor Repair

We inspect, repair and overhaul your pitch motors to prevent any premature failure and unnecessary downtime. We implement repairs to enhance durability and extend the lifespan of your asset.

Precision Machining

We employ state of the art machining techniques to achieve optimal tolerances and surface finishes during the refurb process, minimising wear on critical components.

Alignment & Calibration

We implement precise alignment and calibration procedures for the main shaft, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Surface Coating & Treatment

Surface coatings and treatments are applied to the rotor hub and main shaft to protect against wear and corrosion, ensuring your hub withstands the harshest environmental challenges.

Success Stories: Our Success in the Wind Sector

Explore our collection of case studies showcasing the tangible impact of our services on wind energy operations. From increased energy output and minimised downtime to extended turbine lifespans, each study unveils the success stories of clients who entrusted us to elevate their wind turbine performance.

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