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Houghton International achieve RISAS certification

Electro mechanical engineering specialist Houghton International has recently been awarded Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS) certification for it its range of AC and DC traction motor and motor alternator (MA) set repair and overhaul services.

RISAS is designed to provide economies of scale to the railway industry by reducing duplication in the auditing and assessment of suppliers of critical goods and services for the overhaul of assets and components. RISAS certification sets out to ensure that suppliers of critical products to the railway industry have the appropriate systems, processes, competence, resources, facilities and procedures.

Michael Mitten, CEO of Houghton International, commented: “RISAS is the benchmark for quality in safety critical repair for the industry therefore it was important for us to demonstrate our capabilities achieve these standards via this rigorous assessment process.

“To gain the award demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering maintenance and overhaul services to the highest standard through our robust quality management processes and our culture of continuous improvement to achieve world class standards in electro mechanical engineering.

“Not only will this accreditation provide customers with the reassurance that the services we deliver are of the highest quality but also it will save them time and money by providing a reliable and independent assessment of our capabilities.”

The prestigious accreditation, awarded following assessment by SGS CORREL Rail, covers multiple product groups including: AC and DC traction motors, Motor Alternators (MA Sets), transformers and inductor coils, gearboxes, and oil pumps.

Chairman of the RISAS Board, Tim Dugher said: “This is great news for Houghton International, and great news for the RISAS scheme and broader rail industry. It will be a boost for the company’s business and kudos, and demonstrates their commitment to meet the high expectations of customers in the procurement and engineering community in rail.”

Barry Cullinane, who led the SGS RISAS team during the assessment, commented: “SGS awarded Houghton International their RISAS certificate following a comprehensive assessment of both their production and management processes. We always have to ensure that the business we are assessing has robust processes and procedures and that they are being applied and we’re delighted that Houghton International could clearly demonstrate that they are.”

Established in 1984, Houghton International specialise in the repair and maintenance of AC and DC traction motors and motor alternator sets. Using its in house developed HiTRAX coils, patented transient dynamic MA Set test process and high voltage expertise, Houghton International work with ROSCO’s, TOC’s and bogey overhaulers to reduce costs and improve reliability by extending the life of their electro-mechanical assets.

Following significant investment in new facilities, including silicone and epoxy VPI plants, Houghton International is set up to deliver an end to end service including consultancy, analysis, repair, test and impregnation of traction motors, MA sets, HST alternators, DC line inductors and other auxiliary equipment.

Visit the RISAS website to view the certification – RISAS



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