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Houghton International to showcase new life extension capabilities at Railtex 2015

Why replace when you can repair?

Electromechanical engineering specialists Houghton International launch bespoke repair services to meet the increasing needs of the rail industry. Developed in response to customer demand, the motor repair specialist has broadened its offer to include DC line inductor and HST alternator repairs.

In addition to the weatherproofing programme for DC line inductors TOCs now have the option to repair rather than replace faulty units. This offers both a significant cost saving and substantially reduced lead times against buying new.

Michael Mitten, CEO of Houghton International, commented: “Building on our many years of experience in the life extension of AC and DC traction motors, we have strengthened our in house capabilities and can now offer customers the option to repair their DC line inductors rather than buying new ones. HiTIG, our patent pending technical welding process for the repair of high current windings, repairs damaged line inductors and restores functionality.

“Repairing, rather than replacing, can keep the inductor in service for years to come. We are the only company in the UK offering this service and believe it represents an opportunity to reduce costs and improve responsiveness when failure occurs.”

RISAS approved, Houghton International can also offer an alternative to OEMs when it comes to HST alternator repair.

Michael continued: “There has long been customer demand for an alternative supplier to traditional OEMs. We have developed our skills and experience to enable us to offer customers a HST alternator repair service, customers will benefit from big cost savings and an improved service.

“Well placed to compete in this market, we offer a wide range of services to the rail industry and our skilled engineers have worked on alternators in the marine and oil and gas industry for several years. Independent of the OEMs, we have a strong culture of continuous improvement at Houghton International that allows us to be responsive to our customer’s requirements and develop solutions to meet their needs.

“We recently completed an HST alternator repair for First Great Western. Not only were we able to repair the alternator and restore function, our skilled engineers also improved the performance by reducing the running temperature thereby increasing the power output.”

Established in 1984, Houghton International specialises in the repair and maintenance of AC and DC traction motors and motor alternator sets. Using its in house developed HiTRAX coils, patented transient dynamic MA Set test process and high voltage expertise, Houghton International work with ROSCO’s, TOC’s and bogey overhaulers to reduce costs and improve reliability by extending the life of their rotating machinery.

Following significant investment in new facilities, including silicone and epoxy VPI plants, Houghton International is set up to deliver an end to end service including consultancy, analysis, repair, test and impregnation of traction motors, MA sets, HST alternators, DC line inductors and other auxiliary equipment.

For more information call us on 0191 234 3000 or email chris.robson@houghton-international.com.

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