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Project: 13.2kV stator coils

Houghton International manufactured stator coils for a large motor in the USA.

The challenge

Kiemle-Hankins awarded Houghton International with the contract to manufacture and supply 72 stator coils for a 13.2kV, 2,500HP 1785RPM motor. The coils were required within a set timescale and shipped to Indiana, USA.

The solution

Houghton International supplied 72 HiFLEX, fully cured and fully flexible coils to Kiemle-Hankins for this project. Coils were manufactured to tight tolerances giving an improved fit and resulting in a more efficient winding process due to flexibility of the coils. The following processes were undertaken throughout manufacturing:

  • All coils had a hot-pressed resin rich cell with flexible out hangs
  • All coils had corona protection and stress grading tape applied to them
  • All coils were insulated for 13,200 Volts
  • All coils were Hi-Pot tested at 32.88kV
  • All coils were Inter-turn tested at 27.40kV

Why Houghton International

HiFLEX fully cured, totally flexible insulation system
Manufacture to tight tolerances providing a consistent fit each time
Express shipment to USA

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The Results

HiFLEX coils are fully cured and the added flexibility makes them easier to install. All coils were Quality Assurance checked prior to dispatch and were supplied with winding forks to ensure the customer can easily and safely complete the rewind process. All coils were delivered in a foil vacuum sealed bag system, inside a moisture proof wooden crate ensuring that they are not damaged throughout transit.

The communication with Eve (KH buyer) has been great from the original quoting of the coils to the final delivery to the shop in Crown Point, Indiana. This was Eve’s first experience with Houghton and having to bring materials through customs and the experience was flawless.

The shipping crate and packaging of the coils was also properly done and provided excellent protection from being damaged during handling.

The set of 13.2kV stator coils that Houghton supplied to Kiemle-Hankins were an excellent fit in the core, the slot portion was sized perfect and all the coils were uniform in size and shape.

Thank you for all your support!

David Heckman, Kiemle-Hankins

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