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Emergency AC Motor Repair

As a keystone of energy stability within the National Grid, our client delivers to thousands of households across the UK.

Despite this, issues arose when a 3.3kV AC motor, integral to a primary boiler pump, unexpectedly stopped working, leading to a notable decrease in energy output.

Our team of expert engineers, available 24/7, 365 days a year, devised a swift and effective solution, tailored to the urgent needs of the client.

AC Motor from Lynemouth Power Station


We removed the AC traction motor safely and conducted a detailed assessment of its condition. The inspection revealed that the coils had sustained significant damage, therefore a complete overhaul and rewind was required.


Due to the age of the AC motor it required a complete refurbishment, including an armature rewind, requiring the creation of new HiFlex coils and employing the VPI process to preserve the current commutator, a new stator and fresh paint.


Each operational component underwent a thorough cleaning while defective parts were repaired and the bearings replaced. The AC motor was reassembled and given a fresh coat of paint for a polished finish before being returned to the customer.

We have up to 158 checks and tests for AC Motors throughout the repair process. After our initial inspection, we performed static tests on field and armature windings against specification requirements. We finish with a final Quality Assurance test to ensure the coil’s stator condition meets our specifications.

Prior to Repair

The Restoration Process

Coil for emergency motor repair
Coils being fitted into the stator
The stator fully rewound (3)
AC motor being moved
Stator Up Close

Future Proofing Assets, Even in Emergencies

The fully restored AC Motor
AC Motor fully repaired

24 Hour Emergency Repair

We minimise customer downtime by operating a 24-hour emergency repair service that is operational 365 days a year. Our engineers specialise in electro mechanical assets offering swift, bespoke solutions to minimise downtime and restore functionality of critical assets.

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