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The electromechanical engineers at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing innovation

From a heritage rich in manufacturing and engineering innovation, the UK is seeing a new generation of pioneering businesses establish themselves at the forefront of developing technologies. SMEs and global brands alike are delivering market-leading products and services from advanced industrial automation to world-leading infrastructure for renewable power generation.

Houghton International is helping manufacturers in the UK and around the world meet the challenges of a cleaner, greener future by improving the performance of their electromechanical assets. The business has innovation at its core and draws on decades of experience to address the challenges industry faces, offering the highest quality high voltage coils, innovative coil insulation systems and highly specialised engineering support. From improving asset performance and efficiency to delivering cutting-edge research & development, Houghton International has positioned itself as a market leader in electromechanical innovation.

With the help of Houghton International, manufacturers are optimising assets such as motors, generators and pumps to reduce their energy usage, cut operational costs and meet their sustainability goals. They are opting to invest in their equipment, bringing it up to the latest efficiency standards and futureproofing their plant for years to come.

Houghton International specialises in reverse engineering, redesigning and optimising machines, whether a year old or a hundred years old, based on the specific requirements of the user. As new materials and processes are developed it is possible to take aged assets and bring them up to the highest standards without having to invest in brand new replacements. Equipped with highly accurate 3D laser scanning, the latest CAD technology and, most importantly, a highly skilled and creative team, the business is focused on developing long-term solutions to industry challenges.

What’s more, Houghton International doesn’t just work with existing assets. The business also delivers engineering consultancy and research & development projects across sectors including renewables, aerospace, rail and electric vehicles. A multi-disciplinary team of engineers lend their expertise to projects of all kinds and scales, from R&D consultancy to full, end-to-end project management. They have successfully helped innovative businesses bring concepts to life using Houghton International’s in-house design, development and manufacturing resources.

As the world continues to electrify and new technologies develop at increasing pace, demand for the services Houghton International offers will only grow. The challenge for many manufacturers will be to stay ahead of the curve. Drawing on over 35 years of experience spanning a wide range of industry sectors, Houghton International has a proven track record of working closely with customers to improve the performance of electromechanical assets and help bring about a more efficient, sustainable future.

To find out more about how Houghton International could help your business, contact us today.

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