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Take a look at our newly expanded Pump Services division…

In 2019 we were delighted to announce plans to expand our capacity through the acquisition of an additional 44,000 sq. ft of operational space adjacent to our large machine repair shop. Located within the historic CA Parsons Works, this additional space has allowed us to grow our dedicated pumps facility with improved repair, overhaul and testing capabilities.

Now fully up and running, we are able to deliver quality services to our customers across a range of sectors, including water, power generation and marine. Specialising in reverse engineering, life extension and performance upgrades, the extensive technical knowledge of our team is complemented by CAD design and Faro arm capabilities. This enables precise measurement and 3D modelling for pin-point accuracy and advanced reverse engineering capabilities.

Pump Operative Performing Pump Repair

After pump repair or servicing, we use an array of specialised facilities to fully test each pump, including temperature and vibration, with a full performance test curve provided to confirm optimum performance. Our in house pump testing facilities offer full load testing up to 500kW, flow up to 10,000 igpm, + 2,700 M3/Hr and heads up to 10,000 ft, 150 Bar and 2170 PSI. Net Positive Suction Head tests can be carried out in house and our hydrostatic pressure test rig can test up to 250 Bar. Our testing facilities can be customised to suit your requirements, and our partnerships with other local facilities such as dry docks allow us to test larger pumps, provide a comprehensive service offering for pumps of all sizes and applications.

Combined with our other electro mechanical engineering services, we can offer a full multi discipline service covering the whole pump and motor set, including dismantling, transport, reinstallation and commissioning by our site services team. From standard overhaul of a peps or blower motor to a full rewind and restoration of a large borehole pump and motor system, our diverse range of services mean customers can engage one supplier to service their full array of equipment benefiting from improved efficiency and increased cost control.

Whether you’re an existing customer or interested in learning more about our services, get in touch today to find out more or arrange a visit to our facilities. Enquire via the form below or email info@houghton-international.com.

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