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Transformer Repair & Maintenance Services

At Houghton International we can provide a full diagnostic, repair, and rewind service for a wide range of transformers, covering most sizes, shapes and types, regardless of OEM.

Transformer Repair Services


We have the facilities, skills and expertise to carry out a wide range of transformer repairs ranging from small control panel units through to larger industrial flameproof power transformers.

We offer a full range of in-house electrical and mechanical services and our fully accredited site services engineering team can also carry out a range of work on site, from inspection and removal to transformer repair and testing.

Transformer Maintenance

Maintenance of a transformer’s components aims to maintain both the inner and external parts in a safe functioning condition and minimise any transformer downtime. A second but equally important purpose is keeping records about transformer operation, maintenance and repair history.

Over time, a transformer can encounter critical issues that lead to failure and can cause problems. Regular maintenance and inspection of a transformer is important and can prevent such situations and need for repair. Let the maintenance crew support you to develop and plan a regular schedule to maintain an efficient transformer.

Onsite transformer maintenance services

We provide specialised repairs and maintenance onsite to all types of industries, including industrial/manufacturing, power generation and oil & gas. Our maintenance specialists have experience in installation, cleaning, repair and replacement of transformers. We offer complete transformer repair services to our customers and provide cost efficient and quality-controlled solutions.

Transformer Repair Services include:

  • Transformer repairs and rewinds
  • Transformer inspection, testing and fault diagnostics, in situ or in our workshop
  • Equipment disconnection and removal
  • Electrical testing
  • Oil analysis
  • Transformer installation and commissioning

Transformer repairs and rewind services

Our technicians have extensive knowledge of all aspects of transformer repair and maintenance including transformer rewinds. We have a wide range of experience of meeting industry-specific needs and can work with your maintenance teams in implementing the solution to the problem. We can also assist in creating an effective maintenance plan.

Transformer inspection, testing and fault diagnostics

A full range of electrical testing facilities and diagnostics can be carried out, including IR (insulation resistance), Megger (up to 5kV DC), HiPot (pressure test, up to 40kV DC), high and low resistance tests and transformer turns ratio testing.

Oil Analysis

We also offer full oil analysis, including full DGA and PCB analysis. Our engineering team can then interpret the results and provide a full test report with analysis and repair recommendations.

Transformer installation and commissioning

Another element of our transformer repair services is the installing and commissioning of transformers. Our engineers ensure that all systems and components of a transformer are installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the customer.


All work is carried out in line with IEC 60076 and EASA AR 200 guidelines. Houghton International is also IECEx certified, demonstrating that we have been independently audited and verified for the repair and overhaul of hazardous area equipment.

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