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Making centrifugal pumps more efficient for Baker Hughes Customers in the UK and Ireland

Michael Mitten, CEO of Houghton International

It is one thing to design and build reliable centrifugal pumps for severe applications. But it is quite another to deliver the right maintenance to the thousands of them that are already operating out there.

That’s why Baker Hughes identifies supporting resources from top-notch, specialized organizations in key regions around the world. There’s a rigorous qualification process involved so our Customers can rest assured they’ll get expert OEM-approved support. They are Baker Hughes Channel Partners, and Houghton International just became our newest one—focusing on API 610 centrifugal pumps in the UK and Ireland. It’s a comprehensive agreement enabling them to provide overhauls, repairs, parts, replacements, and more with the proven advantages of our OEM service processes and technologies.

This is a big deal for owners of the 150+ Baker Hughes pumps operating in the region (the agreement also covers full lifecycle services for other OEMs). This deal with Houghton International isn’t just about repairs and regular maintenance, it’s about injecting new technologies into old machines. Some of these pumps have been operating for 30-40 years—so our ongoing knowledge and technology sharing with Houghton International will help improve pump efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Houghton International is a well-known and trusted service provider with excellent resources and expertise not only in the region, but around the world. Specializing in the monitoring, maintenance, repair and life extension of rotating machines, it has a team of experts in pump repair and maintenance to improve the performance of pumps across a range of applications. Operating from a 130,000 sqft, IECEx certified, facility in the North East of England, Houghton International works with customers to diagnose problems, improve performance and eliminate issues.

Baker Hughes

Houghton International and Baker Hughes will work together to use our combined knowledge and experience to ensure that the installed base of pumps remain fit for purpose, modifying the design and upgrading the components accordingly to improve efficiency, save energy and extend the mean time between failure (MTBF). As an authorised Channel Partner, Houghton International will also be able to support the specification and installation of new Baker Hughes pumps across a range of sectors.

“Houghton International’s core values align well with our own. Both companies encourage people to be their best and provide them with the resources to do so. We both see the exponential value possible through open collaboration, and we practice it every day. The thread of innovation runs through every inch of both our organizations, and we are equally focused on acting with integrity and providing customers with the best quality technologies and support possible.

“We look forward to a long relationship with Houghton International —continually working together to make sure pump customers in the UK and Ireland get the support they need to be more productive and efficient throughout the energy transition.” Enrico Mangialardo (GM Baker Hughes, Centrifugal Pumps Business Line)

Michael Mitten, CEO of Houghton International, added: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Baker Hughes to support the ongoing operation and performance improvement of its installed base of centrifugal pumps in the UK and Ireland.

“With decades of proven experience in upstream and downstream processes, Baker Hughes pumps are known for exceptional performance in extreme conditions and we look forward to supporting customers in continuing to operate these pumps for many years to come.

“Becoming an approved Baker Hughes Chanel Partner marks the start of an exciting partnership between both companies which will offer an OEM backed service facility that combines extensive product knowledge and genuine OEM parts with a flexible and responsive service offering that meets the needs of the market.”

For more information or if you have any specific requirements we can help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@houghton-international.com or call +44 (0)191 234 3000.

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