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EASA 2015

We showcased our range of premium coils specifically designed for industrial, power generation and hydro applications at the 2015 EASA show in San Antonio in June.

We had the opportunity to meet up with many of our customers from the USA and further afield and to introduce ourselves to potential customers from around the world.

Alongside our range of coils we also showcased our brand new CAD generated coil drawings and improved quotation process, designed to support our customers throughout sales process.

With over 30 years’ of manufacturing and repair experience, we offer:

•Supply and manufacture of premium high voltage coils and auxiliary winding kits

•Specialist electro mechanical engineering support

•Computer aided design, performance upgrade and reverse engineering capabilities

•Worldwide in situ support services

Our goal is to work collaboratively with repairers, OEMs and their customers to reduce costs and improve reliability using our coil manufacturing expertise to extend the life of their electro-mechanical assets.

To find out more or to request a quotation email – stuart.whitfield@houghton-international.com.


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