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Video: ABB ST Generator overhaul for RWE ConocoPhillips CHP

We recently overhauled a 24 MVA, 37 tonne, ABB ST Generator for RWE ConocoPhillips CHP in our large machine repair shop in Newcastle upon Tyne. This time lapse video highlights our full range of capabilities in relation to large machines.…

With over 30 years specialist engineering experience, in house coil manufacture facilities and a large machine repair shop with up to 40 tonne cranage, we are confident that we can save you time and money on your large rotating machine repairs.

In addition to up to 40 tonne cranage we have also invested in dynamic testing facilities, 5m x 6m access and a 10m working height. We also have a fully trained and highly experienced site services team who can carry out work in situ and first class health and safety and project management teams to oversee the entire project.

If you would like any further information or would like to discuss an upcoming rewind project please contact Mark Convery on mark.convery@houghton-international.com or +44 (0)191 234 3000.


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