What’s Causing Your Hight Motor Current? – EASA Article

EASAThis article from the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) explores the sources of a number of three-phase motor issues. Understanding the source of the problem means issues can be tackled quickly efficiently, should they arise.

The most frequent concern about high current with a three-phase motor is high no-load current, but the broad issue of high no-load current isn’t the only three-phase motor issue worth consideration. High current with load and lower-than-expected no-load current are also potential areas for concern. This article explores all of these.

  • High no-load current: Motor not rewound
  • Motor with no nameplate
  • High no-load current: Rewound motor
  • High current with load

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Publication: Plant Services
Publication date: February 2018
Author: Tom Bishop, P.E., EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist


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