Rail In-depot Maintenance

Rail In-depot Maintenance AC DC Traction Motor Services - Houghton InternationalOwners and operators share a similar challenge. How to improve the performance of their traction motor fleet.

Our solution comprises two elements:

  • Improve the overhaul process and life extend windings
  • Improve In-depot Maintenance

Covering AC and DC traction motors, motor alternator (MA) sets and transformers our solution combines the highest quality overhaul and life extension schedule when taken out of service, alongside our expert engineers in depots, to support traction motor maintenance programmes.

Our specialist engineers can test for the following while still connected to the train:

  • Surge on windings
  • DC dielectric strength
  • Insulation resistance (Megger test)
  • Polarisation Index
  • 1,2/50 pulse

The benefits:

  • Reduced in-service failures
  • Improved reliability and life cycle management
  • Identification of vulnerable motors before they fail
  • Data driven failure mode analysis
  • Extends time between overhauls
  • Maintenance can be scheduled more efficiently
  • The services of a dedicated in depot team or an individual engineer on a per shift basis