Test Equipment

Baker testerHoughton International have made significant investment in the latest equipment to allow for a more comprehensive range of electrical and mechanical tests to be offered to our customers. This includes an AWA 12KV surge Baker test complete with AT-101ZTX bar to bar tester.

The baker test is designed to maximize testing capabilities in a lightweight, sturdy format. It offers additional testing capabilities to make it a more comprehensive tool for predictive maintenance.

Our customers can be assured that not only are we using the most advanced equipment available, but the scope of our BSI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System approval includes the regular internal and external audit of our calibration system.

Not only has significant investment been made in our in-house testing facilities but we have also invested in our on-site/in-depot test facilities. Our engineers are equipped to undertake an extensive range of tests which far exceed the traditional Megger test to diagnose a motor’s condition.

In addition to our comprehensive range of condition monitoring equipment, we can identify the following while the motor is still in-situ:

  • Surge on windings
  • DC dielectric strength
  • Insulation resistance Megger test
  • Polarisation Index
  • 1,2/50 pulse