Rail Traction Motor & Alternator Repair

Houghton International’s RISAS-approved, rail division pioneers technical and commercial innovation in the repair, maintenance and life extension of AC & DC rail traction motors and motor alternator (MA) set into the UK and global markets.

With over 30 years’ multi industry experience in electro mechanical engineering, we offer:

We work collaboratively with ROSCO’s, TOC’s and bogie overhaulers to reduce costs and improve reliability by extending the life of their electro-mechanical assets.

Our work

We have serviced and repaired over 4,000 individual railway traction motors, ranging from G310s to EE507s, high speed train (HST) motors and both Brush and GEC type, in addition to a broad range of other AC traction motors.

As well as this, we work with our customers to develop solutions that meet their specific needs, developing solutions for DC line inductors, high speed train alternators and MA set load testing.

Our customers

Our vision is to have one of our products improving the performance of every train in the world, and our mission is to be rated the number one supplier by every customer we service.

Our strategy is to develop long-term partnerships with our customers and by listening to our customers’ needs, understand the markets in which they operate and how they add value to their customers.

Our facility

Alongside our in house coils manufacturing capabilities, our RISAS approved facility carries all specialist equipment for end-to-end in-house services, including:

  • 50 Tonne extraction press
  • 50 Tonne vertical press
  • 250 Tonne extraction press
  • Mig welding machine
  • Automated Tig welding machine
  • Automated undercutting machine
  • Balancing machine
  • 20 Tonne crane
  • Segragated cleaning and stripping facility
  • BTU band tension unit
  • VPI – Epoxy and silicone resin
  • 5 and 2.2m² 220°C drying / curing ovens (3 off)
  • AWA 12KV Baker test unit
  • Pinion gear extraction equipment
  • Machine facilities, including 3 x lathes, 2 x milling machines and radial arm drill

We have invested in an AC motor test rig which can dynamically test all AC railway traction motor specifications and rotor bar crack detection equipment, which is to our knowledge unique in the UK. We are also the UK’s only train traction motor repairer with the capability to rewind and vacuum pressure impregnate (VPI) both epoxy and silicone resins.

In addition to RISAS and BSI OHSAS 18001: 2007, BSI ISO 9001: 2008, BSI ISO 14001: 2004 certifications, our quality assurance model is designed around the requirements of each individual motor/product type. This means we create a dedicated quality management system bespoke to each individual product.

Customers are kept up to date using our Houghton Exchange video communication technology, which offers live work-in-progress updates, visual diagnostic reports and live test results via video link, speeding up the process and reducing downtime.

We believe that we provide the UK’s highest quality rail traction motor repair service and our customer’s trains run on time with the confidence that their traction motors will not fail in service.

RISAS Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme Logo - Houghton International

Our future

hitrans patented transient dynamic motor alternator set load testing process - houghton international

We recently invested in new facilities and plant, including a silicone VPI plant to complement our epoxy capability, along with automated TIG welding and undercutting equipment. This has enabled us to provide the comprehensive range of operations required for a high-quality armature rewind. This has also resulted in a 100% increase in both traction motor and MA Set capacity.

We work with customers to solve their electro mechanical issues and are constantly developing our offering in line with market requirements. Should you have any requirements that you would like us to look at, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.