DC line inductor maintenance & repair

DC line inductorIn addition to the weather proofing programme for DC line inductors TOCs now have the option to repair rather than replace faulty units. This offers both a significant cost saving and substantially reduced lead times against buying new.

Weather proofing

Planned maintenance is proven to reduce in service failures and should be considered as part of your regular overhaul schedule.

Weather proofing includes:

• Upgrade of caging to protect winding

• VPI for additional protection from the elements

• Application of sealant to protect against moisture ingress



HiTIG, our patented technical welding process for the repair of high current windings, repairs damaged line inductors and restores functionality.

When a blast occurs, and the winding has been severely damaged by electrical short circuit arching in service, a weld process is applied to refurbish the damaged area, providing a high quality repair.

Repairing, rather than replacing, can keep the inductor in service for years to come. We are the only company in the UK offering this service, it represents an opportunity to reduce costs and dramatically improve responsiveness when failure occurs.