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Thermal Imaging

24-Hour Emergency Repair Services

We operate a 24 hour call out 365 days of the year and offer an emergency repair service, with engineers working around the clock to restore functionality of critical motors.

Engineering Consultancy Services

Houghton International’s expertise has been shared with organisations worldwide. We work with leading companies, across a range of sectors, assisting them to accelerate their development.

Welding services

Welding Services: TIG, MIG & Stick

Houghton International provides a comprehensive range of welding services, including TIG, MIG and Stick welding for multiple machines and industries.

Dynamic Balancing Services

At Houghton International, all rotating equipment is subjected to comprehensive dynamic balancing prior to dispatch, whether they have been rewound or not.

Electrical & Mechanical Services

Houghton International also offers a range of complementary electrical and mechanical services, utilised both in house in the delivery of our high quality repair and maintenance service and independently to meet customer requirements.

Vibration Analysis

Through our vibration analysis service customers are able to reduce the occurrence of motor damage, unit downtime and a potential motor rewind.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Services

At Houghton International, thermal imaging, or infrared imaging, is used as a method of condition monitoring for rotating machinery and fixed circuitry.

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