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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Services

Houghton International offers an in-house vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) service and facility for both epoxy and silicone resins.


To complete our vacuum pressure impregnation service, motors, generators and coils up to 2.13 metres in diameter are processed under vacuum and pressure with solventless epoxy or silicone resin to provide void-free electrical windings.

We can provide VPI for AC and DC stators, armatures and field coils. Also, large frame motors from 460 volts through to 13,800 volts should receive VPI treatment to ensure the longest attainable service life.

VPI benefits include:

  • Improved performance and reliability even in the harshest working environments.
  • Longer-lasting machines.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Greater mechanical strength.
  • Completely sealed windings against moisture and vibration.
  • Positive pay-back over a short period of time.
  • A cooler running motor due to superior heat dissipation.
  • Superior to solvent varnishes and conventional “dip and bake” method.
  • Improved corona protection.
  • Impervious to oil, moisture and chemical contaminants.
  • Most effective way known to eliminate the dead air spaces that cause hot spots within coils.
  • A low thermal resistance path that lowers the average operating temperature.
  • Enhanced dielectric capability between windings and ground, allowing for it to survive higher voltage stress levels without failure.
  • 100% solid mass structure that provides the greatest mechanical strength.
  • The highest level of environmental protection.

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