Traction and Mining Motor Repairs Western Australia, 120 x 3300V resin rich coils

TMMRManufacture and supply of 120 x 3300v resin rich high voltage coils delivered to Perth in Australia.

TMMR required a specialist insulation system and a very high level of testing specification specific to the application of the coils. We visited TMMR’s workshop in Australia and took time to understand their specific requirements.

We supplied our HiFLEX coils which are fully cured and fully flexible allowing us to meet and exceed TMMR’s product specification at a competitive price and lead-time.

“Traction and Mining Motor Repairs Perth Western Australia is a major service provider to the mining and resources sector in Australia.

“Michael Mitten CEO for Houghton International came to visit our facility in late 2014 and assured me of the quality and service that Houghton would provide us. So when the time came we approached the team at Houghton International to tender on the supply of a coil set for a 3300V 700hp English Electric induction start synchronous run motor. The motor is the only spare our customer from the North West of Western Australia has for its primary iron ore crusher so it was essential the repair was done properly and with a fast turnaround time.

“Houghton International provided a very competitive quote and delivery time for 120 x 3300V resin rich coils which included delivery to our Perth works.

“During the coil design period we had lengthy discussions with the engineering team at Houghton International to ensure we received the best product for our customer and Houghton international were very accommodating to our needs and coil insulation system requirements.

“We had set a very high type test and routine test standard for the coil set for Houghton International to meet and the coils passed with flying colours in their manufacturing facility.

“Once we received the coil set in our works we unpacked them and found no coils had been damaged in transport. During the rewind process the coils were an excellent fit and windability was second to none. All coil slot sizing was very consistent making slot build perfect to design criteria. The coil end winding shape was very consistent which gave excellent gapping.

“We had every confidence that the coils would pass all dielectric testing once installed and they did with flying colours.

“The team at Houghton International from accounts to production through to logistics were all very easy to deal with and very responsive to our every need. The follow up service and support needs to be mentioned as there was consistent communication.

“I would highly recommend Houghton International to anyone in need of coils for their HV motor/generator repair as we will be definitely using them again for future projects.”

Jason Znidarich, TMMR

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