RP Winding Services

“We are a new winding service company offering services to contacts throughout the world and since March 2013 we have worked on major overhauls up to 180MW in the USA, Canada, Caribbean, South America and China.

Being a new company has posed some problems especially in the field of procuring materials and spares for contracts we have been involved in. In this respect we contacted Houghton International for assistance and although we were not initially optimistic, once we had contacted them our fears dissipated very quickly.

They have supplied us with materials, spares and advice on many of the contracts we have worked on and currently we are working with them on three separate contracts in both Asia and North America. They have been outstanding and without their dedication and professionalism we would not be where we are today.

Houghton International are a very ‘person friendly’ company and I would recommend them to any potential customers looking at using their services. They have never let us down and hopefully in the future we will be able to use more of their many talents when taking on rewinds as well as winding repairs.”