“Following the recent Trough Winch Motor Overhaul for RFA Wave Knight that Houghton
lnternational has undertaken for Rolls Royce, I am writing to express my sincere thanks
to you and everyone involved in this project.

We could not have successfully completed such a challenging project within the
restricted timescale without your expertise and technical knowledge of the product and
high levels of innovation shown throughout this project and previous projects completed.
Houghton lnternational work force and Project Lead have worked together with Rolls-
Royce over the years to complete successful contracts on Fort George, Victoria and
many others.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved and let them know that we appreciate
their high level of commitment and professionalism throughout.
We look forward to maintaining a high level of working relationship with all of the
Houghton lnternational Project Team and workforce on current and forth coming
projects in the near future.”

“The diligence, innovation and timeliness applied to the conduct of this contract has assisted Rolls-Royce enormously in what is an exceptionally challenging development motor programme and your teams contribution cannot be underestimated.”