AC DC Traction Motor Motor Alternator MA Set Repairs Repairers Repair Overhaul - Houghton InternationalMerseyrail were experiencing a 20% in-service failure rate for their G310 traction motor. A lack of product development work meant the motors were effectively stuck in a service time warp. Merseyrail needed a solution, in a unique move they entered into partnership with Unipart Rail and Houghton International. We immediately added significant value by making small initial changes to the specification and introducing our HiTRAX™ system.

HiTRAX™ is the only insulation system in the world developed and marketed specifically into the rail traction motor market by a traction repair company. These changes have reduced the Merseyrail in-service failure rate to under 0.02%. Resulting in a very happy customer and extremely happy passengers.

“I would recommend using Houghton International for any type of electric motor reconditioning.”