First Capital Connect / Unipart Rail

_49192624_49192623Back in February 2009 the UK witnessed one of the harshest snowfalls in the London region for over 10 years. As a result Frist Capital Connect (FCC) had over 40 traction motor failures due to earth faults. The implication of this was a shortage of vehicles.

Once the initial impact was assessed, FCC approached Unipart Rail , who immediately involved their partner supplier Houghton International, where a triage team was set up to assess the actual damage to each traction motor and the level of work required to being them back to a serviceable condition. This also included Hornsey’s Depots capacity to remove and refit the units and Houghton International’s ability to individually assess each traction motor to determine whether it required major rework such as armature rewind or a light overhaul and dry up in the Houghton International ovens.

In a matter of days, full availability of trains for passenger service was achieved.

Within 3 weeks, quality cost and delivery had been achieved; all defective motors had been removed, rectified by Houghton International and refitted to the vehicles. The drive, enthusiasm and flexibility of working together by all parties and not compromising any core values were greatly appreciated by FCC.

“This was a great example of FCC, Unipart Rail and Houghton International staff working together to understand the potential effect on our customers and putting together a unique robust solutions that averted loss of availability and potential severe disruption to our customers.”