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“A&P North East operate drydocks at Hebburn on Tyneside and at Teesport on the Tees.

The facility at Teesport has two drydocks which are served with a common pump room with two pumps, generally operated as one duty and one standby. The pumps are driven by Metro Vickers AC Motors, 500 HP, 2750 Volts, Stator 800 Volts.

In late 2012 the motor on No1 Pump failed and quotations were sought for an overhaul and rewind.

Houghton International provided a competitively priced offer and following an audit of their works and discussions, with both the management and operators who were to undertake the task, the order was placed with them.

Throughout the process of overhaul and rewind A&P staff visited the Houghton International workshops and regular progress updates with photographs were provided by email. The repairs and rewind were carried out in a meticulous manner by the operatives who treated the motor as if it was their personal property.

The motor was returned to site early and installed with the assistance of the A&P dockside cranes. Alignment and recommissioning was carried out by A&P and Houghton International working together.

A subsequent visit was arranged following the motor having been “run in” to check the operation and alignment.

Throughout the overhaul and rewind Houghton International have been a very professional company to deal with and have taken the care I would expect and is required on a motor of this size and age.

The motor and pump set is now performing as good as when new, almost 100 years ago.”


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