Ainsworth Inc


“Ainsworth Inc. would like to express our sincere appreciation to Stuart Whitfield, Lenny Tindell, Gordon Robson and Craig W. Hutton and the entire team at Houghton International for their exceptional service in providing us with a complete set of 13,800 volt HiFLEX™ coils.

Ainsworth Inc. required these coils for a 6.8MW Hydro generator rewind on site in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. The coils were for a generator originally manufactured in 1930.
Our completion schedule for the project was on a very short time line so the delivery of the 256 coils was critical. Houghton International delivered.

The team at Houghton International supported us throughout the project from the original coil measuring process all the way to delivery of the final shipment. The coils were manufactured as per our dedicated needs and were very easy to work with. The stator fit was good and the best feature was that the end turns were flexible where the slot section was fully cured.

The responsiveness and professionalism of the Houghton International team was evident throughout the project and we look forward to working with the team at Houghton International our our next project requiring high voltage coils.”