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A 17 tonne, 4.6MW 3500HP DC thruster motor on an offshore oil rig had been severely damaged due to flooding. As a result, a complete repair and refurbishment to the stator, armature, bearings and brush gear was required.

Project entailed

  • Complete strip down and fault diagnosis.
  • Manufacture of new field and interpole bricks.
  • Full rewind of interpole and field coils, interpoles required copper wound on edge.
  • Manufacture compensating bars and rewind.
  • Complete rewind of armature, manufacture of all coils.  Armature included, dampening winding, equaliser winding and main winding. All connections TIG Welded.
  • Complete overhaul of brushgear, and supply of new holders and brushes.
  • Complete mechanical overhaul. Supply of new bearings.
  • All components shot blasted and painted with high specification marine paint.
  • Horizontal load test and vertical light run test to prove winding and mechanical works.