HiTRAX Traction Motor Life Extension Insulation System

HiTRAX™ is an insulation system proven to extend the life of AC and DC traction motors for over 12 years. This motor overhaul product is a combination of both our traction motor and high voltage expertise, which we have applied to solve the problem of deteriorating dielectric capability of problematic motors.

We understand that traction motors require special attention. They operate in unique conditions that expose them to heavy ingress of moisture and often corrosive dirt. Ambient running temperatures can range from -40°C to +50°C, and in humidity greater than 95%, providing maintenance issues to train owners and operators. Air intakes are often open to the elements, meaning snow and ice cause problems in winter periods, as do the leaves in the autumn. All contribute to the deterioration of a motor windings dielectric integrity.

HiTRAX combines insulation materials that have the greatest dielectric durability throughout the wide temperature range traction motors are exposed to in their life cycle, with the highest specification VPI resins and stringent process control, tested to extremes. HiTRAX is proven to work in conjunction with both epoxy and silicone VPI resins, although we believe epoxy provides the absolute superior lasting protection.

HiTRAX is proven because it has been running across the UK’s rail system for longer than 12 years without failure. However, it is imperative that all elements within our total quality system are followed throughout the manufacturing, rewinding and VPI process for it to be absolutely effective. To date, we have never experienced a motor failure due to its insulation system.

HiTRAX Traction Motor Life Extension Insulation System - Houghton International

Traction Motor Life Extension Insulation System Repair 2 - Houghton International

Traction Motor Life Extension Insulation System Repair - Houghton International