HiVAX High Voltage (HV) Coils

Our unique rewinding system

HiVAX Vacuum Pressure Impregnation VPI Insulation System - Houghton International

HiVAX™ is our Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) insulation system.

VPI technology offers a range of benefits compared to resin rich systems, including improved sealant against moisture ingress and greater heat dissipation.

VPI technology works at higher ambient temperatures if a silicone-based resin is used for impregnation.

Resin rich technology hits a temperature plateau at Class F or 180°C, whereas VPI technology has the ability to go up to a working Class C or 220°C.

HiVAX is ideal for AC traction windings and all machines working at high temperatures.

HiVAX is recommend for short lead times as there are no pressing times, so reducing the production process.

Technical Specification
Description Green coil requiring full VPI impregnation
Voltage Range @ 50Hz < 3,000V
  > 3,000V < 6,000V
> 6,600V < 15,000V
Guaranteed Flexibility
Full Corona Protection on Coils > 6,000V
Guaranteed Storage Life Under Approved Conditions
Tropical Climate Protection
Guaranteed Tan δ / Tip Up Integrity
Thermal Performance < Class F 160°C
  > Class F 160°C @ > 11,000V
< Class H 180°C @ < 6,000V
< Class C 220°C
Surge Comparison or Turn To Turn Tested To 2 (U + 1000V)
AC Flash Tested To 2 (UN + 1000) 1.2
Moisture Proof Capability
Oven Baking Required To Cure
Fully Cured Before Insertion
Tested Before Dispatch