HiRES High Voltage (HV) Coils

Our B-Stage end winding solution

HiRES High Voltage Coil Insulation System B-stage end winding - Houghton International

HiRES™ is our insulation system that comprises a hot-pressed B-Stage Epoxy cell scarfed into a calcined mica and B-Stage end winding (coil extension).

HiRES has excellent windability. However, rewinders or manufacturers in tropical areas should consider the HiFLEX™ system.

Our B-Stage cell provides the highest quality and windability.

HiRES provides industry leading tan delta figures.

Technical Specification
Description Resin rich hot pressed cell incorporating B-Stage material applied to the coil extensions
Voltage Range @ 50Hz < 3,000V
> 3,000V < 6,000V
> 6,600V < 15,000V
Guaranteed Flexibility
Full Corona Protection on Coils > 6,000V
Guaranteed Storage Life Under Approved Conditions
Tropical Climate Protection
Guaranteed Tan δ / Tip Up Integrity
Thermal Performance < Class F 160°C
> Class F 160°C @ > 11,000V
< Class H 180°C @ < 6,000V
< Class C 220°C
Surge Comparison or Turn To Turn Tested To 2 (U + 1000V)
AC Flash Tested To 2 (UN + 1000) 1.2
Moisture Proof Capability
Oven Baking Required To Cure
Fully Cured Before Insertion
Tested Before Dispatch