High Voltage Coil (HV) Manufacturing Expertise

Houghton International is the UK’s leading high voltage coil manufacturer for the global market.

Our mission is to be rated the number one manufacturer of premium high voltage coils within each sector we serve, and to be the number one rated supplier into each of our customers.

Our dedicated HV/HT Coil manufacturing facility comprises state of the art technology to produce a comprehensive range of coils to meet increased global demand from repairers and OEMs.

We’re also committed to delivering exceptional customer service:

  • We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, providing a high quality product and delivering on time.
  • We understand the needs of repairers, OEMs and their customers because we are also repairers ourselves.
  • We keep our customers updated through on-going dialogue and reporting. This helps us to provide a focused, customer needs driven, fast response service.
  • We have developed unique insulation systems to provide our customers with the bespoke coils they need.
  • We listen to what our customers want and provide the expertise and knowledge to tailor the optimum solution for their application.
  • We deliver on time and to budget.


Technical Capability & Capacity

We manufacture coils up to 15kV with the capability for diamond coils up to 6.4 meters (21ft) in length knuckle to knuckle, 3.04 meters (10ft) slot pressing capabilities and a span of 1.82 meters (6ft).

Experienced in the manufacturing of half bar systems, which are used in the winding of turbo generator machines up to 70 MW.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) function.

A comprehensive range of:

  • Automated shaping machines
  • Electrically heated hydraulic presses

On-site Field Rewind Services

Through a team of specialist pre-formed winding technicians we are able to support our customers by carrying out rewinding projects in their facilities or on-site on a global basis.


In-house testing facility; lamination, turn to turn, tan-delta & tip up and hi-pot.

Winding Material Kit

Winding forks are manufactured to suit each set of coils. These are supplied to assist with the safe insertion of the coils into the slots of the stator.

Quality Assurance

Houghton International operates in sectors where quality procedures and the safety of equipment are critical.

As such we have developed a rigorous quality policy with processes and procedures to ensure that everything we do is of the highest standard. These policies and procedures are reviewed across all areas of the business on an on-going basis which reflects our culture of continuous improvement.

Quality assurance checks are conducted at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Our quality management system is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, electrical tests to BS EN 60034.

All coils are produced to meet the relevant electrical standards, such as BS EN 60034, BS EN 50209, BS EN 60207 and IEEE 1553 & 1043.We can also test to our customers’ specific criteria if required.

All coils are individually quality assurance checked prior to dispatch. As part of our commitment to total quality assurance and the development of our supply chain we have strong established relationships with our suppliers.

Our occupational health and safety management system is accredited to OHSAS 18001:2007.

Packaging and Shipping

All packaging conforms to recognized international standards. All coils are delivered in made to measure packaging incorporating a foil vacuum sealed bag system inside a moisture proof wooden crate.

A panel of freight forwarders are used to ensure the most competitive global shipping by sea or air.


All export documentation, airway and seaway bills are supplied along with commercial invoices, packing lists and manufacturers test certificates.

If required we can raise Certificates of Origin (COO) directly from the local Chamber of Commerce.

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